Monday, 30 November 2015

Clean and Simple

Just time to post my ClarityStamp Challenge card for the month.

The challenge this month was clean and simple - my usual approach is "keep going until you're happy" so this was a bit of a departure.

I really wasn't sure what to do, so in the end I went for something very simple indeed! I used my "borrowed from under the Christmas Tree" Wee Folk stamps again. They have gone back in the stash now!

Clean and simple resist embossed Christmas card, red, yellow and green

To make this I stamped the sleigh and reindeer onto Clarity stencil card with watermark ink, and heat embossed with clear powder.

I then positioned the abstract squares stencil so that the biggest square was over the middle of the page, and masked the rest with sticky notes.

Resist embossed Christmas image with masks

Using squeezed lemonade distress ink and a blending tool, I filled the square with colour. I had thought I might need to add a bit of orange to make the colour intense enough, but actually it came out very strong.

Resist embossed Christmas image, yellow, with masks

Clean and simple resist embossed Christmas image, yellow

I then moved the stencil and, using the same square, added red and green on either side. I wiped the image to remove the ink and bring it back to white. The overlapping areas end up orange and lime.

Clean and simple resist embossed Christmas image, red, yellow and green

And then I stopped! It took a bit of willpower not to add more - a bit of faux stitching, a doodle or two… but I decided to stay true to the theme and leave it perfectly clean!

Just folded A4 kraft card in half to make a simple card base.

Clean and simple resist embossed Christmas card, red, yellow and green

It's not my usual style, but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I think I could try a version with the image stamped in black instead, or with blue ink to give an impression of sky in the squares, with snowflakes. After Christmas of course, when I officially have my wee folk stamps to play with!


  1. Clever masking here! Many thanks for taking part in this month's Clarity Challenge and best wishes. ;~}

  2. Great thinking outside the box. A great card. Thanks for entering the CLarity Challenge and good luck.

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