Thursday, 9 June 2016

Hurrah for Henry

Birthday card for Henry - funky font, messy green background, black squiggles and swirls

This is a card I made for one of my daughter's friends, for his second birthday.

I tend to think that children that young don't really care about cards, so they're more for the parents. I often use the name, and try to make something they might like to put on the child's door.

This card started with one of the inky backgrounds I made while making my shiny card for May's Berkhamsted Creative Challenge.

The letters of the name came from the ClarityStamp word chains. I haven't got their alphabet (maybe one day when I've been REALLY good!) so this is made using letters from other words - the H and the Y come from either end of Harmony. I masked the rest of the word to ink up the stamp, then removed the mask to stamp. I used permanent black ink.

The patterns around the edge come from two stamp sets. The "seaweed" and wavy lines are the pattern plates, from Clarity again. The circles filling in the gaps are a set I got in a charity shop, which has been incredibly useful.

To finish, I edged the card in black sharpie, and mounted on a 6x6 card base.

If I'm honest, this was a bit of a last minute card so was designed to be quick and easy (I had the background already, and just used one ink with no fancy techniques). But it turned out to be much more effective than I'd expected!  It has a funky feel that I'm really taken with. As there are more second birthdays coming up, this design may get a few more outings yet.

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