Saturday, 30 July 2016


It's been a while since I posted - lots going on! Not least, I spent a very enjoyable few days at the Clarity Retreat, my first time going. Such fun, and learnt a lot too.

So I'm a little delayed in posting my entry for the Berkhamsted Creative Challenge this month - I did have these ready to go a few days ago.

The theme is "Circles".

Berkhamsted Creative Challenge July 16 - Circles

I posted this teaser photo mid month:

5 spheres on sticks - can you guess what they are?

Know what they are? This might help:

Plain cream plastic bauble

I bought a set of 12 of these in a cheapy junk shop years ago, and I'd never got round to doing anything with them. So this is a big tick for my personal "use something that's been hanging around unused for ages" challenge. I'd removed the hanging bit and painted them with gesso for the teaser photo, and had them drying on kebab sticks.

I haven't done all of them yet, I have lots of different ideas to try - and need to test if they will withstand a heat gun without melting. But here are the four I have finished.

Bauble decoupaged in red, green, gold and white Christmas paper

This one I decoupaged with a Christmas paper I've also had for ages without using.

Blue pearl bauble with white glitter segments
Here I started with a couple of layers of pearl paint, then masked off strips with a narrow masking tape. I painted over with PVA, removed the tape and sprinkled a white glitter over. I used cheap hairspray to seal it.

Blue pearl bauble with white glitter stripes

This is a mirror mage of the one above - I started by painting it as before, then added strips of super sticky tape instead of the masking tape. I added the same glitter and hairspray varnish.

Claret coloured bauble with gold metallic snowflakes
This one was painted with claret fresco chalk acrylic paint. It's translucent, so needed three coats, but is such a glorious colour.
I then stuck some scraps of adhesive sheet to copy paper, and applied gilding flakes to it. I die cut snowflakes, using the smaller Tattered Lace snowflake dies, and glued them to the bauble. I used PVA, but next time I think I'd use a thin adhesive sheet on the back before die cutting, as it was a bit messy.

Four decorated baubles in a fir tree

So four new baubles to go into the Christmas decs box, eight more to play with before December.

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