Sunday, 27 November 2016

Ivy wreath

Ivy wreath on white front door, with red bow, baubles and poinsettia

We have a gorgeous ivy covered wall at the front of our house, which grows madly. We used branches from it in the table centrepieces for our wedding, I love ivy leaves and it was a way to include something from home, as we didn't get married locally.

I've been making use of it again for a Christmas wreath. I saw this done on TV years ago (Kirstie Allsop I think), and have been meaning to try it each year since. My prompt was this month's Berkhamsted Creative Challenge - which has a Christmas theme to help us get ready.

Berkhamsted Creative Challenge November 2016 - Christmas

Ivy branches with box of Christmas deorations

My ingredients are a selection of long branches cut from the wall, and a box of decorations I've had for years. I think I bought these on the post Christmas sales, for gift wrapping and things.

First step is to make the wreath - twisting the ivy strands round each other. Forming a circle is very easy, filling out the gaps and getting the leaves pointing the way I want is a bit more fiddly.

Ivy wreath

But I think it looks quite good, very verdant.

Next I add some decorations - a ribbon at the top, some baubles and poinsettia flowers around the ring. Not too much, I don't want to overwhelm the ivy, I want it to stand out rather than be the background. The Baubles are tied on with their strings, the poinsettia are wired - very handy.

Ivy wreath with red bow, baubles and poinsettia

Touches of red to set off the lush green ivy. Ready to hang on the front door.

Ivy wreath on white front door, with red bow, baubles and poinsettia

Just fits below the knocker - luck rather than judgement, maybe I should have measured first!

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