Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Keeping it simple

CAS Christmas card, Merry Christmas with holly, in lime and red

It's a busy week, with Bethany's second birthday on Friday and my mum arriving tomorrow, so I needed to get my card done early for the 52 Christmas Card Throwdown challenge.

It's a colour challenge, lime green and real red.

52 CCT colour challenge lime green and real red

Hmm, not sure what I think of these colours! They would be good for a poinsettia, but I don't have a stamp or a die for that (makes a note on the wish list!). What with everything, it's a week for clean and simple, and I decide to stick to words (sort of).

I also don't have the exact colours, but again, not going to muck around so I'll make do with the nearest I have - fired brick and crushed olive distress ink and distress markers, plus barn door marker, and a red and fresh green pigment ink.

I get out the 7x7 stencil card and start playing, and end up with a range of cards. I like some more than others, and some I think are a bit too simple, I'll add something to them before using.

CAS Christmas card, Merry Christmas with holly, in lime and red
I think this is one of my favourites. It uses word chain stamps from Clarity, and an old rubber holly stamp, one of the first stamps I got, that I love. I stamped the words in fired brick, then went around one side of each letter with the crushed olive distress marker (the fine nib).

The border is a wide stripe of crushed olive, then a narrow stripe of red sharpie. And yes, I did test this on scrap first to make sure it worked! I cut down the card around the words, and mounted on a 6x6 card base; some are on 5x7 cards.

CAS Christmas card, Merry Christmas with holly, in lime with red

This is a similar card, but with the colours reversed.

CAS Christmas card, Merry Christmas with holly, in lime and red, portrait

And again, but portrait.

CAS Christmas card, Season's Greetings with bird, in lime and red, portrait

A different set of word chain stamps used here, and I had another go at a stamped drop shadow. The bird is from a Hobby Art stamp set.

CAS Christmas card, words in a circle with starts around, landscape

A different approach here. This is a Crafters Companion stamp (the word bauble), with a Lavinia's stamp star cluster around it. Very plain, but looks pretty good in real life (in my humble opinion!)

CAS Christmas card, Ho Ho Ho in red with lime green swirls

Another take again. I used the red pigment ink here; the Ho Ho Ho stamp is not such good quality, I can't remember where I got the set, might have been a freebie, so the distress ink just beaded on it.

CAS Christmas card, Ho Ho Ho in red with green swirls

This is a version of the card above. This time I used my "Hope" stamp from Clarity, masking to get Ho Ho Ho, so could use the distress ink. But I used the pigment ink for the swirls.

CAS Christmas card, Merry and Bright in red with green holly swirls

And a final card using the pigment inks. I definitely think I'll add something to this one before using it.

So lots of playing, and a batch of cards, some more successful than others!


  1. sobre et efficace, tes différentes versions sont très réussi Lucinda, merci de jouer avec nous chez 52CCT, biz

    1. Merci Fabiola. Il a été beaucoup de plaisir à jouer avec différentes versions.

  2. All these cards are amazing! Going in with a marker was brave but you got a away with it. They are all so simple but don't need to be any more complicated! CAS perfection. (Some of your photos are bigger than you probably meant them to be). x

    1. Oops, I was having difficulties with the photos when I was writing the blog, some extras snuck in at super size! Think I've sorted it out now.

      Needed to keep it simple this week, but it's quite fun to have time to experiment with lots of different versions.

  3. What a super set of ultra CAS cards! Lovely use of the colours. Thanks so much for playing along with 52CCT this week! Deborah, DT.

    1. Thanks Deborah, it was a week for ultra simple, certainly!


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