Friday, 5 January 2018

Caitlyn and Ravi

I though I'd share a couple of cards I made a few months ago, playing with the distress oxides.

These were both for children, a friend's son and a friend of my daughter's.

I used a set of wooden block mounted dinosaur stamps. We found these in a charity shop and got them for my daughter to use, but Mummy borrowed them on this occasion. I see it as pre-emptive - I'm sure my stash will be borrowed more than once over the years to come!

I covered stencil card with the stamps in a variety of bright oxide colours. Ravi's was reds, oranges and yellows, Caitlyn's more of a mix, with blue, pink, red green and yellow.

I forgot to take photos of the "before", but got this one of the "during", once I'd spritzed with water.

Once dry, this was what they looked like:

Still recognisably dinosaurs for the most part, but with a bit of a mix up! Using different colours together like this, you really see the difference in how they react - some move much more than others. I did Ravi's first, and held back with the water a bit more on Caitlyn's - the colour moves more than I anticipated after you finish spritzing, whilst drying.

To make up, I simply stamped Happy Birthday and the appropriate name in black archival ink, edged in a black sharpie, and mounted on a card blank.

I think these are a lot of fun - bright and cheerful, and, well, dinosaurs!!

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