Thursday, 11 January 2018


This is another bunting piece that I made - unsurprisingly back in November for Remembrance day. I entered it for the Berkhamsted Creative Challenge "Wise Words" theme.

I started by cutting my triangle from Clarity stencil card. I then drew my poppies - this was just after the art journal class where we learnt to draw these flowers, in various forms, and I was super chuffed with them (still am now!) They look like poppies to me! It was also a chance to use my new drawing pens!

I then wetted the card and added the brilliant red brushos, aiming for the centre of each flower. I added the black brusho, using a paint brush to be more precise, to the centre of each flower.

Once dry, I added more colour, both as powder, and touches with the paint brush using the brusho made into an ink to fill the flowers where needed.

The final step, once it had dried again, was to add the word. This is from a Clarity word chain stamp, and I used archival permanent ink so it wouldn't be affected by the water.

I love the messiness and indiscriminateness of this - it seems appropriate somehow.

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