Monday, 13 March 2017

A not-so-new home

This is a card I made for a friend who moved house last year. It's taken a while to get around to blogging it!

I used a new stamp from Lavinia Stamps. They are a new company to me, with very whimsical, fantasy style designs. A lot of fun!

I started by stamping the house in black archival ink, on Clarity stencil card.

I painted over it with pebeo masking fluid, then started to brush in the background, with distress inks and Clarity stencil brushes.

Mowed lawn at the bottom, then salty ocean, dusty concord, and chipped sapphire to darken the top.

I added the words with Clarity word chain stamps. The "new' is from news with the s masked, then I used the "H" of harmony, and "ome" from awesome. The spacing isn't quite right on the "Home", I'll sort that out later.

With the masking fluid rubbed off, the house really stands out.

I coloured the house using brightly coloured marker pens, and I think I painted with distress ink in some of the larger areas. I wanted it to be very vibrant.

I also added more ink around the base, to ground the house.

To add interest to the words, I stamped around with small decorative stamps, again in black archival. The stars are another Lavinia stamp, the spirals come from a charity shop pack.

I've also balanced out the letters of "Home", by making the "o" wider on one side, with circles within the thicker area.

To finish, I edged with a black sharpie, and mounted on an 8x8 card blank.

I'm still really pleased with how this came out. I like the intensity of the colour, and how vivid the house is. They really carry it, the card layout is so simple.

When I visited my friend in her new home, I was amused and pleased to see several handmade gifts I'd given her over the years on display. We go back a long way! So here are a few of my crafty blasts from the past!

This photo frame is decorated with stamps and paint, with ribbon flowers and buttons on the side.

I decoupage this box photo frame when her son was born. Next time I visited, there were photos in it!

Glass painting used to be my primary craft! I would love to get back into it (so many crafts, so little time!). I think the set of 4 wine glasses were a gift when she moved into her previous flat. The tea light holders are also a set of four.

This canvas was gift a few years ago. I love the colourful butterflies, I think if I were doing it again I'd space it differently and have more flat butterflies so the letters are clearer.

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